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In the realm of event coordination and planning, Raven & Birch stands as the undisputed embodiment of moody sophistication and unparalleled expertise. Like a dark and enchanting whisper, they weave each event with an exquisite tapestry of emotions, creating an atmosphere that lingers long after the night has faded.


With an uncanny ability to embrace the shadows and craft them into captivating narratives, Raven & Birch casts an enchanting spell over every occasion, making them the indisputable go-to for those who seek an experience that transcends the ordinary. In their hands, your event becomes an evocative masterpiece, where every detail resonates with emotion and intrigue, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attend.

From searching for the perfect venue, design concept, and communicating with vendors to managing the details on the day – Raven & Birch works hard to make your dream become a reality. You are able to relax and enjoy each moment of your event knowing that Raven & Birch are taking care of all the details.

Simply fill out the consultation form below to discuss with us any of our event coordination and planning services.


Full Package

This Production package will allow you to enjoy the complete event day experience. Don’t know where to start, let alone have the time! This allows Raven & Birch to get to know you/your business so we can deliver a truly personalized and perfectly planned


Our package removes all the stress and pressure – making your event an enjoyable experience.

Once we have discussed your event day, we will begin our magic by coming up with the perfect design concept. Working with you/business, we will create an event that is unique and memorable to your vision. Raven & Birch will take care of every detail; from finding the perfect venue to finding the best vendors, while making sure your event is magical.


Back Stage
Partial Package

Raven & Birch’s Back Stage package is the perfect solution for those who want to plan their event but may need a little help pulling together the overall look and coordination of the day.

This Back Stage package includes referring top-quality vendors, reviewing contracts, assisting and providing input with the design concept, and handling the coordination with setup/tear down during your event day.


This package reassures those who have fantastic ideas and concepts but just need a little assistance for the event.


Green Room
Smaller Package

The Green Room package from Raven & Birch is the best option for those who are organized and detail-oriented and who have already been planning their event. Let Raven & Birch reduce any event stress, letting you/business enjoy your event.

Raven & Birch will work with all your event vendors and compile a detailed timeline. On the event day, Raven & Birch will manage so that you can relax and enjoy.

Raven & Birch will oversee the entire setup/tear down and event. Most importantly, we will be there to help resolve any issues that may take place and provide support to you/business, all vendors, and guests ensuring peace of mind and a event to remember.

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